"Consider the Lilies of the Field..."


Sometimes when the storm winds blow in our lives, it is difficult to see or understand why some things happen the way they do.  But, it is all part of life, that we will all travel the roads of life through the peaks and valleys, on sunny beautiful days and through the dark, and rainy days too.

Last week I learned that I will need to have some surgery to provide some relief from a medical issue with which I have been dealing for quite some time, without a great deal of success.  I wasn't prepared to deal with the potential outcomes from the surgery, because it will mean that I will have limitations that I am just not ready to face, but I have to come to terms with it and accept it.

I have prayed a great deal about it over the past week, cried, and at times have wanted to be left completely quiet and alone to come to a place of peace and acceptance.  Fortunately I have a very loving family and a few very close and caring friends, with whom I have sought counsel and prayer, and now I am at peace. 

Several years ago, I stitched this piece called "Consider the Lilies of the Field", when our oldest son was hospitalized with a serious illness.  It kept my mind and hands busy during the long hours of waiting and praying for his recovery.  Everyday,  this piece of needlework reminds me of how blessed we are that our son is stable and well, and it also reminds me that whatever trials life brings, we can find comfort, peace and beauty in all of God's creations.  
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