Ella's First Spoonful of Cereal!


Yesterday our daughter, Carra, brought our granddaughter, Ella, here for lunch and some special time with Grandma, who had the priviledge of feeding Ella her first real spoonsful of rice cereal.  What a riot!  Ella couldn't get the cereal fast enough, and was loving every mouthful!.  We also had our little poodle, Meggie, sitting close by watching, in case there were any cereal "droppings" to lick up.

In between mouthfuls of cereal, Ella was distracted by Meggie sitting next her, and she would hold out her hand for Meggie, who was thrilled to lick off the any of the clinging cereal from Ella's hand.  Carra and I were hysterical!  It probably sounds gross that we allowed Ella to let Meggie lick her hand, but it was just too funny for words!  Ella was thoroughly enjoying this wonderful new adventure of having her first real food! Meggie thought it was fantastic too!

What a joy it is to have grandchildren and to be able to share in the great new adventure of watching them grow and change!  We are so blessed!
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