With October Comes the Pumpkins and the Autumn Leaves....


Autumn is my very favorite season of the year.  The scents of spice fill the air, and when the leaves turn to their most magnificent colours of gold, rust, cinnamon, crimson and orange, the beauty of God's earth just fills my spirit with joy!    Of course, anyone who knows me well, knows that I will use any excuse to indulge myself in a nice pot of tea, which is the perfect compliment to my stitching pleasure, and especially on a cool autumn day.

Oh my goodness, these past few weeks have been a "whirl", and it is already the middle of October!  Time to hang up some of my favorite October needlework pieces!  Here are just a few hanging in my sewing room.

After a second surgery last week, which went very well, I am at long last beginning to regain strength, and when I finally felt like I wanted to pick up my needle and thread again over the weekend, my husband gave a big sigh of relief.  He knew that I if I wanted to stitch, then I MOST definintely must be feeling better!

Every day I have worked a little bit more on "Quaker Faith" (Little by Little Designs), and it is about three quarters finished now.  My goal, is that by the weekend, when my hubby has some time to go with me to our favorite framer's shop, I will be able to take the piece with me for framing.  I am so excited about the prospect!

Last Sunday afternoon, our son, Kevin and his wife, Gwen, arrived with our little grandson, Emery.  They had been attending a wedding in New York, and decided to surprise us by driving to Massachusetts to surprise us.  What a wonderful treat!

Little Emery is now 9 months old and is cuter than ever.  He has the most infectious smile, and such a wonderful disposition for his age.  Even his pediatrician says that he has never seen a happier, more content baby.  He and his Daddy are great buddies!

Of course, Emery is completely decked out in his total Halloween baby gear, complete with pumpkin binky!

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