Snow, Snow, Snow!


Snow, Snow, Snow!  This is a perfect picture of what our little village center looks like here in Massachusetts, after another record snowstorm this week.  The main floor windows of our condo are now three quarters blocked by drifts of snow!  We have huge ice cycles hanging down from the roof too. 

As one neighbor said to me recently, "if you live in New England, you have to love snow.  Otherwise you had better consider moving to a much warmer climate!" 
So, today I will just cozy up with my favorite cup of tea and some of the oatmeal raisin cookies I baked, and settle down with my stitching.  Oh Joy!

When I was looking in my treasures of needlework accessories, I found this lovely felted pincushion that had belonged to my mother in law, (now deceased), but isn't it lovely?  I can't bear to think of sticking any pins into it though, because it has a few worn places on the sides, which can't be seen in this picture, but I want to preserve it because it is very special.

Just to share some exciting news, Congratulations to Belefonte Notes, celebrating it's "Two Year Blogovesary" with a special giveaway too!  Check out their blog site, listed on my sidebar, to read more details about the giveaway.  Who doesn't love a needlework giveaway too?

May this day bring you moments of happiness amidst the busyness of your day, and may our paths cross again very soon.  Thank you for visiting and for all of your wonderful messages too!

Crossing in Stitches & Friendship!
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