Thank Heavens for Great Blogger Friends!


Hallelujah!  Our wonderful "Follower" Friends  are back up on my blogger page today!

Thank you to so many of my dear followers who posted notes and sent me emails about similar frustrations with the "Follower" button not showing any of our "Followers" for the past two days.  When I realized that I was not alone in this very frustrating dilemma, it made me feel a little better.

I appreciate the suggestions offered from everyone.  I also posted a note on Google's Help Forum and received some suggestions from one blogger, but ultimately even that person suggested that I keep trying to contact Google Administration.  When I tried clicking on "Contact" Google Admin., nothing happened.....equally frustrating, but they probably were being bombarded with  people asking for help for the same problem.

Oh well.  Happy Dance!  It is good to see the smiling faces of many of my dear followers again!

Just have to show you the gorgeous Baltimore Album quilt made by my dear friend, Ellen, who is an exquisite quilter.  You should see her sewing room......full of all kinds of quilts both completed and those that are works in progress too.  She just loves stitching up beautiful designs, many of them baby quilts, or lap quilts too, and keeping them on the shelves in the sewing room.  Then, when she needs a gift for someone, she just picks out the perfect quilt for them!  She is such an inspiration.  We get together for stitching days, and Ellen works on embroidery for some of her quilt blocks, while I cross stitch on my current WIP.  Great Fun!!

Here is our little grandson, Emery, sitting in the box, in which I sent him, and (Daddy Kevin & Mommy Gwen), chocolate chip cookies and another one of Emerys'  favorite "Blankie Bear", which he carries everywhere he goes.  So adorable:)
Emery has such big blue eyes, like little "pools".  Our son, Kevin, had those same beautiful blue eyes and blond hair when he was little.  "Thank heavens for little boys!  Without them what would little girls do?"

Hope that your weekend is filled with something fun, something relaxing, something peaceful, and something special, just for you!

Crossing in Stitches & Friendship With You!
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