My exciting news for today is that I am the lucky recipient of some very special giveaway gifts, from Ellen (http://www.ellen-xstitch-passion.blogspot.com), whose gifts came all the way from Singapore!  Just look at these wonderful gifts! Thank you so very much, Ellen!
                                         C Street Samplerworks Historic
                                                       Reproduction of
                                                "I SIGH NOT FOR BEAUTY"
  The Spring 2011 Sampler & Antique Needlework 
  (Which includes the beautiful "Susan Ramboe " Sampler)
Lovely Flower Ribbon, Silk Marblethreads & Braided Trims
                        A Porcelain Thimble from Singapore

Tonight I wanted to take a few more stitches on "Jenny Bean's Humble Servant Sampler", before I head off to bed.  

Tomorrow morning I head off to the hospital for some surgery, so will be a little out of commission for a few days.  Of course, every stitcher knows that it is absolutely essential to  make sure that all of  the stitching projects are all  kitted up and ready for some "recuperation" stitching, so I think that I am all set in that department.  Dear Husband will set up my laptop next to my recliner and I will be snug in my "stitching nest" with everything I need to be happy after I am ready to pick up my stitching and keep in touch with friends and family, and of course my dear blogger friends too!

All for now.  Nightie, night!  See you soon!

Crossing in Stitches & Friendship With You!
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