Advent...A Season of Miracles & Blessings


For me, the Season of Advent is the most special and beautiful time of all before Christmas.  I have even foregone much of the traditional Christmas shopping, and try to stay away from crowds and crazy malls.  It is in the most peaceful and quiet moments that I try to savour the beauty and wonder of Christmas coming.

When I think of the celebrations of Christmas, my very favorite time is that of Advent, the days and weeks leading up to the celebration of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, on Christmas Day.  Our family has always loved pulling out our Advent Wreath, and placing it in the center of our dining room table, on the first Sunday of Advent.  

Last Sunday, we lit the first candle, the candle of "Hope", on our Advent wreath.  In years past, when our children were growing up, we always lit the candles for each week, every night after supper, and read from an Advent devotional, and then sung one of our favorite Christmas hymns.  It was a very special and blessed time for all of us, and now, my husband and I continue to enjoy the daily Advent reading, lighting of the candles and singing a Christmas hymn together.  

"Hope in Hard Times" was the title of one of the daily Advent devotionals this week.  "How appropriate", I recalled  saying to my husband.  In these very difficult times, sometimes it is not an easy thing to 'keep on hoping and praying', because we feel so helpless at times to make a difference, but we know that when we have faith and hope, and trust that our prayers are being heard, we have everything.  We have HOPE for today and tomorrow and for the future.  For with God, "all things are possible."

Although a little later than I had hoped to start some of my Christmas stitching,  I have enjoyed pulling out some of my JCS Ornament Issues, as well as the current 2011 one, and started this piece this week.  

"Christmas Joy"
By Cherished Stitches
JCS 2009 Ornament Issue
  I apologize for not having more to show you this time, but after Thanksgiving,  it was time to put things away after all of the company went home.  I had already picked out the ornaments that I would love to stitch, so it was just time spent "shopping in my closet" for the right linens and threads.  Now, at last, I can settle in with my favorite cups of tea, and stitch away to my heart's content!  

As this week comes to a close today and a new week dawns tomorrow, may you be blessed with the hope, peace, faith and love of Advent in your hearts and homes everywhere.

Blessings To You, My Dear Friends! 

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