Thoughts and Finishing on A Sunday Afternoon...


Today is such a gloriously beautiful sunny day with almost clear blue skies, and temps are in the 40's.  Believe it or not, the prediction is for temps to soar into the 60's this week!  Could spring really be lurking around the corner after all?

 I want to thank all of you who have written such kind and thoughtful words of encouragement this past week, as my right foot continues to heal.  Believe me, you have really lifted my spirits so much!  I wish that I could tell you that I have accomplished a lot more stitching, but honestly, I don't know where the hours in a day go sometimes!  I feel so lazy sometimes, as I sit in my recliner with my foot on pillows, reading your stitching blogs, about all of your amazing accomplishing in your work, your families and so many other activities.  And you still manage time for stitching too!

Steadily, I worked on the "March Cottage" (Country Cottage Needlework " Monthly Cottage Series"), and finally finished stitching and lacing it so that it could be "popped" into this cute little frame today.  My dear husband set up a little stool, so that I could sit on it and take a picture.  I love the way it turned out too!
March Cottage
Country Cottage Needleworks

Summer Khaki Linen
Recommended DMC Threads
WDW "Pecan"
Crescent Colours "Tomato"

Now, I am contemplating whether I should pull out one of my WIP's , or start something new.  I just love the excitement of a new start, don't you?  Picking out new linen and some yummy new colours of thread is so enticing.   Hmmmmm.... Such difficult decisions:)

Miss Ella Modeling Her New Turtle Sweater.
Of course, cute as a button,  as she shows Grandma her latest dancing moves!
Oh, the joys of having precious grandchildren!

This afternoon, I found myself drawn to this piece, which I stitched a few years ago, expressing such a beautiful sentiment.  And, so dear friends, I leave you with these words.....

May today and the week ahead be filled with peace and love overflowing.
May you feel contentment in the smallest things,
And cherish each moment of your lives.
For we never know when time catches us unaware, and
those precious moments are quickly vanished away.

Blessings in 'Stitches & Friendship'!

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