This Is A Day of Rejoicing!


On Easter Day, we join with Christians around the world, in celebration of our Risen Lord, with songs of joy and praise!  Glory to God above and on earth.  May peace and love abide with you always.

All week long, as I contemplated the very somber time of Holy Week, with the life, death and resurrection of our Lord, my heart was very heavy, as it  is every year during Lent.  But the greatest blessing of all, is that there is hope after all, because of His amazing sacrifice for us, that for all who believe in Him shall not perish, but will one day rest in heaven with him for all eternity!

Although a WIP, I loved stitching 
'Little Eggs Pincushion' 
by Shepherd's Bush.
I have personalized it with my own
'Easter Blessings', Joyous And Sing!'
Because this is truly a very Joyous Day!
             'Easter Frills ~ Easter Egg Pin Keep'
               (With Thy Needle and Thread)
     This adorable design was WIP, started for
     Easter 2011, but not quite finished.  So I am
     thrilled to have it adorn our Easter table this year!

                The top part of the egg is decorated with
                tiny little green eyelets!

                Don't you absolutely love these darling
                little chickens and bunnies hopping among
                all of the flowers in the garden? Below the
               grass are more little green eyelets, sprinkled
               here and there.

Yesterday afternoon, look at the very thoughtful gift the postman left in our mailbox, from my dear friend, Donna........
A sweet 'Tea Time' note pad, and some lovely pastel threads,  just perfect for some Springtime stitching!  Thank you so much, Donna!  Please join me for some stitching time and a cup of tea sometime!

 Can you imagine what a breathtaking sight it is to look out of our bedroom window, and seeing these lovely pink blooms?  In front of all of the homes on our street are pink and white flowering trees.  We are truly so blessed with God's beautiful works of art!     

Wishing you today, a most blessed and beautiful    
Easter Day!      


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