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In case you may have been wondering where, oh where has Kathy been these past weeks, I've been here and there, and just haven't had time to write a single word on my blog.  So, here we go!  

I have stitched and stitched the hours away whenever I could find a snatch of time, and finally finished Kyleigh's birth sampler!  This was quite a challenge, since I changed quite a few areas of the design, more to my liking, but am quite happy with the final results.
'Sweet Baby Sampler'
By Praiseworthy Stitches

Along the way, my friend, Janet, (no blog), encouraged me to try my hand at Punchneedle, which I must say, I was a little reluctant to try.  Janet is a wonderful person, and so full of enthusiasm.  She totally sold me, that 'Yes, you can do it, Kathy!'  So, dear Janet came last Thursday to teach me how to do Punch Needle, and here is my progress thus far.
I was surprised to learn that the punch needle stitches are taken on the printed side of the design, but that the actual desired, 'fluffy' effect is created on the 'wrong' side of the fabric.

'Pickin Flowers'
Teresa Kogut
This afternoon, while the storm clouds were brewing up some rainstorms, I was happily tucked inside, stitching on this sweet little thimble purse.  Assembly is required, and as I always hesitate a bit on that part, I think that will be a project for tomorrow.
'Home Sweet Home'
Thimble Purse
With thy Needle & Thread

A week or so ago, Bruce and I enjoyed a very special visit with my sister, Karen and her husband, Steve.  They have a lovely backyard, which Karen has worked very hard to embellish with flowers and a sweet sitting area under the trees.

A lovely statue in her garden.

Well, the hour is growing late, and I am well past time for my cup of tea, and perhaps a few stitches before my eyes close for the night.

It is always wonderful connecting with you here, and I love receiving all of your special comments.

Blessings in Stitches & Friendship With You,
Dear Friends!

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