A Few Thoughts on a Lovely Autumn Morning


With these beautiful cool autumn days, my mood has turned to thoughts of stitching 'Christmas Garden', cause that wonderful Christmas season is just around the corner!
This was my progress over the weekend, but the border is kind of pretty up close, just not terribly exciting at the moment.

 Last night I decided to work a little more on my Punch Needle design, 'Pickin Flowers' by Teresa Kogut.
 I am really enjoying my very first Punch Needle design!

Look who decided to pop by for a little visit!
Amazing little creature, who just posed so nicely for me to photograph him.
Hmmm..... Wonder if he is any relation to Mr. Benjamin Bunny!

Well, Miss Meaghann is ready to be picked up from the Groomer's this morning, so off I go! 

Wishing you a perfectly lovely day! 

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