I hope that all of you had a very blessed and lovely Christmas.  We are so thankful for the precious times that we shared with our children, grandchildren and dear friends these past few days.  We hold, dear in our hearts, new and sweet memories, those very special times to keep.

            Grandma-Ma, Miss Ella & her favorite Elmo  

                    Emerson trying out his new tools on 
                                Grandma-Ma's walls.
     Baby Harrison helping Miss Ella open a present.

At long last, 'Christmas Garden' was finished only two days before Christmas!  My wonderful framer, Donna, had already assembled the frame I chose, and very kindly finished framing it, so that it could be proudly hung for Christmas!
'Christmas Garden'
by Blackbird Designs

This is a truer look of the 'Straw' shade of linen.
I truly loved every minute of stitching this wonderful design!

A close-up view of the frame.

Of course, some of the best gifts that I received were some new stitching designs!

I can't wait to go to my LNS to pick up linen and threads to begin working on these beautiful pieces!  Oh, more decisions to make, and so many more hours needed to stitch all the things that I want to stitch!  But, oh what bliss!

We are supposed to have 6-9 inches of snow tonight, overnight into tomorrow.  Oh what joy!  I love the snow, and what more perfect excuse to stay indoors, all cozy and warm, sipping cups of tea and stitching to my heart's content.

I have loved reading all of your comments, dear friends. Thank you so much! 


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