Book Three of the Lasso Springs Series by Kathleen Ball, STETSON STORM - Just Released!

Hunky, Rodeo Star, Stetson Scott is back in town after a five year absence. Storm McCrory has what he unknowingly left behind,his son. Five years ago, hunky rodeo star Stetson Scott left town, never looking back. Storm McCrory's heart was ripped out that same day. Now Stetson is back in town. He's shocked to find both Storm and his son living in poverty, shunned by most of the town.

A Sneak Peek 
Storm woke up and for a split second, she didn't know where she was. She felt wonderful. She couldn't remember when she'd slept on such a comfortable mattress.
Getting out of bed, she realized that she could remember. It was before her father kicked her out of the house. Instantly she thought of Scotty, and immediately she was out the door. Walking down the steps, she heard voices. Hearing Scotty's name, Storm stopped to listen.

"I'm not going to let him go home to that dilapidated shack that Storm calls home," Stetson said, his voice sounding angry.
"Don't do anything you'll be sorry for. Storm has done the best she can by her son," Nellie defended.
"You call living in squalor, without enough food, her best? Nellie, get your head out of the sand."
"Stetson, you've been gone a long time. You have no idea what went on. You don't know how her father turned his back on her. Then our father discredited her claim that it was your baby. He made it his personal mission to make sure everyone knew that Storm didn't know who the father was."
"Obviously he's mine."
"Storm has been there for that child from the beginning. She has fought for everything they have. No one would give her a job. Do you think she wants to work the graveyard shift at the diner? It was the only job open to her."
"It's not enough. My son is not going back--"
Storm ran into the kitchen, glaring at Stetson. "Where is he? Where is my son?" She tried to quell her shaking body.
Stetson took a step toward her. "It's not how it sounded."
Putting her hand up in front of her, she signaled for him to stop. "I know exactly what I heard. Is that why you brought us out here? You plan to take Scotty away from me?" Tears filled her eyes. "I have done everything humanly possible to care for my son. He is fed and he has clean clothes. I provide him with a roof over his head. You have no right!"
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