We're very lucky that Brian Vellinger, hero of CLASS
REUNION stopped by today to talk to us. Come on in Brian.
Coffee'shere, also a few bagels. Take your pick. Okay, let me
ask you a few questions while you're eating. LOVE your
cover, Bri!
1.     Are you upset your name is not in the title?

No; this didn’t need to be titled ‘How Brian Realized What A Schmuck He’d Been or even ‘Brian Finally Sees Natalie For The Woman She Is’..

2.     Is your love interest the way you pictured her? Or would you have preferred someone with a different hair color.

It’s funny; I always favored the short, bouncy blonde cheerleader types.  And Natalie is tall; she was in the band; and we rubbed each other the wrong way all through school.  So it came as a shock when she showed up and I realized she wasn’t that skinny pest of of debate team partner.  Wow…I don’t know what was in the Boise, ID water, but boy does she ever look great!

3.     Do you have any annoying habits your author did not share with us in your book?

(pinches bridge of nose)  Kenzie really didn’t put in how much time I actually spend on the golf course.  Or the amount of beer I tend to consume on those outings with Brent and Mitch.

4.     Do you have siblings? Are you close to them?

Two sisters; I’m in the middle.  Yeah, we’re pretty close.  Both are married and have kids, so I love my role as ‘Uncle Brian’

 5.     Any hobbies we might be interested in knowing about?

 Other than golf?  I’m a sports nut.  Love watching football, basketball, and baseball.  Favorite teams are my Colts, LA Lakers, and the Cubs.

6.     Are you happy with the profession your author chose for you or would you rather be working at something totally different and why?

 No, Kenzie hit it dead on.  I’ve always been good with numbers, and Kenzie’s grandfather and one of her uncles were bankers.  And I own a Credit Union, which means I get to make my own decisions on which loans to approve, even if their credit score isn’t spectacular. 

7.     Are you planning to make an appearance in a sequel? If not are you unhappy about that?

I don’t know if I’m in Off The Clock or not.  I’ll have to ask Kenzie.

8.     Now for a personal question. Is there enough  sex in the book for you? Would you have liked more?

That is a personal question.  I would have to say I’m happy with the way my sex life was depicted, although some details could have been left out.

 9.     Is you’re hero/heroine a good kisser?

Surprisingly, yes!  If I’d known she was that good of a kisser, I might have kissed her long before now.

10.  How many re-writes did you have to live through?

Only a few scenes had to be rewritten, and I was disappointed the entire ‘prologue’ was taken out. But it’s also my understanding if there’s a prologue, then there needs to be an epilogue, which our story didn’t have.  So I get that.

11.  Did your author listen to you when you tried to redirect her/him?

I’ll say this much; Kenzie takes great dictation!  I could use her for a secretary, if she existed in my world.

12.  Did your story end too soon?

Nah.  I like the way it ended!

13.  Did you get enough time in the story or do you feel shortchanged?

No, Kenzie did a great job of giving both Nat and I equal time in each chapter.

14.  Who was your favorite supporting character?

Hands down, my best friend Brent.  I enjoyed my time with Stacia, pre-Natalie, but Nat opened my eyes to the fact I was missing out on something valuable.  After my ex-wife dumped me, and then someone I picked up at the 10th reunion robbed me blind, I swore off relationships.  But Nat changed all that.

15.  Do you want your story to become a series with you as a recurring character?

Not really.  I mean, if Kenz wants to write us into Off The Clock, then I’ll be thrilled.   Especially if she’s pregnant by then.  But really, I think we’re past the child-rearing age.  We really haven’t talked about that.  Hell, we aren’t even married!
A bit about the book
After being burned pretty badly by two different women in his past, Brian Vellinger has sworn off romance. Commitment-shy for the past fifteen years, he is stunned by his sudden attraction to a woman he's not seen since the last day of their senior year. 

Natalie Collier thinks she's successfully put Brian Vellinger out of her mind. After harboring a secret crush all through high school and into college, she is both alarmed and thrilled when Brian makes his intentions known at their 25th class reunion. But will she succeed in softening his casual, 'sex only' policy, or will she end up just another notch on his belt?
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 Thanks for having me today Jean!  I’ll tell you something:  I read your Dating List and Marriage List books on Natalie’s Kindle, and they’re really good!  It’s always good to see things from the female perspective.  And I understand you have a little squirrel problem at your summer home?  Brent and Mitch will gladly take care of them for you.  Just say the word; I’ll send ‘em your way.
Thanks so much for stopping by Brian and for reading my books. Please do send your friends my way for squirrel eradication! Here's how folks can order your book. TO ORDER IN EVERY FORMAT & FOR MORE INFO, CLICK HERE
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