New review today: Escape from Planet Earth and Safe Haven. 

 ESCAPE FROM PLANET EARTH (Running time:  1 hour 29 minutes)

RATED PG       Animated with the voices of: Rob Corddry, Brendan Fraser, Sarah Jessica Parker

I get tired of clichéd characters, even in kids movies. Here we have the brawny but dense younger brother and the brainy but scrawny older brother. Brawny is a daredevil on planet Baab, where everyone is a pleasant shade of blue while Brainy pulls the strings behind Brawny’s daring acts. The brothers don’t get along. They are jealous and competitive with each other.

            Scrawny, brainy brother is married and has a son, who worships his uncle. Brawny saves a bunch of babies and is idolized by everyone on his planet. At this point, except for some scary critters at the beginning who want to eat the babies (this is a kids movie?), it’s fairly mild.

            Brawny brother is sent to the DARK planet, Earth. There we meet an evil general who wants to make a machine that will destroy all the other planets in the solar system because his father was squished by a flying saucer in Roswell when he was a kid. This is a kid’s movie?

            On Earth, the evil general has imprisoned, by freezing, creatures from outer space. This gets a little kinky when the general woos the woman running the show on Baab to manipulate her. This is a kid’s movie?

            Brawny and Brainy save the day and each other. The little kid saves the day on Baab, bringing his parents home and the brothers declare their love for each other. All ends happily. There is violence and plenty of adult humor along with references that I enjoyed but I the kids didn’t get it. The violence is all sci fi with no blood. Escape from Planet Earth should be fine for kids nine and up who aren’t sensitive. Send the kids with Grandma. 
 SAFE HAVEN (Spoiler alert) (Running time: 1 hour 55 minutes)

RATED PG-13          Starring Julianne Hough, Josh Duhamel  Another NicholasSparks books makes it to the big screen. The movie opens with Katie

(Hough) fleeing her
home and escaping on a bus. She gets off at a rest stop,because the
tiny town on the coast of one of the Carolinas is charming. She
needs to hide and this looks like the perfect place.

Alex (Duhamel) is the attractive man running a small general store 
in the town. He’s a widower with two kids. The love story builds
slowly, beautifully. The cinematography is gorgeous. But always in
the back of your mind is what she’s running away from. I don’t
want to spoil the story but there is an alcoholic, abusive husband in
the picture. There are scenes of him hitting her and knocking her to
the ground. He’s a frightening character.

        There is one love scene that doesn’t show much skin and is very tender. The movie builds their relationship through his children and the town folk -- in a non-sexual way. There are several surprises at the end, which I won’t ruin here. There is violence against a woman, some bad language and a sexual scene. Safe Haven is best for kids 13 and up. See it with them if you can. I loved it.
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