RED CARPET ROMANCE second book in the Hollywood Hearts series is now available in all formats on the Secret Cravings Website! Leave a comment and your EMAIL address. I'm going to give away a copy of this book to one lucky commenter.

 Here are a few snippets from the book:

Junior was asleep in the stroller. Susanna crept up behind Quinn, who jumped when she spoke. “Got an aversion to clothes?” She blurted out.

He leapt into the air, grabbing the towel at his waist. “Whoa! What are you doing here?”

“Shhhh. I live here now, remember?” She whispered, gesturing toward the sleeping baby.

A devilish gleam shone from his eyes as he approached her. Susanna backed away slowly, but Quinn kept coming.

“Hunky dory. She thinks we’re married,” Susanna piped up.

“Cool it. It doesn’t matter what she thinks. I’ll tell you when you need to worry.” He patted her hand, then Junior’s head, as the baby nestled against Susanna’s chest. Finally.

“Okay, hubby-dear.” She cooed, eyeing him with mischief in her eyes.

His eyebrows shot up, but then a sexy look crossed his face. He leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Baby is fine, why don’t Mommy and Daddy become members of the Mile High Club?” Susanna burst out laughing, disturbing Junior, who had been dozing.
A bit about the book
 Why is gorgeous, rich movie star, Quinn Roberts, sharing his space with a baby he calls “Junior”, if it isn’t his own? Susanna Barnes, his beautiful live-in nanny, can’t figure him out and Quinn refuses to comment. Though wildly attracted to him, his distance from the adorable child puts Susanna off.

Daughter of “Coach Joe”, famous college basketball coach and an assistant art curator at a well-known art museum, Susanna lost it all at the hands of a drunk driver. Her dad was killed and her job given away while she recovered in the hospital.

Forced to find another job, she relies on her experience with her sister’s two kids to show Quinn she can take charge. Their overwhelming mutual heat melts his guarded heart and her reserve until a slip of the tongue shatters his dreams. Will she unravel the mystery of Junior’s birth and will they regain lost trust?  

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