Welcome to my Tuesday Tales piece written to the word "chocolate". This week we have another installment of the WIP, THE RESCUED HEART.

Last time, Dr. Hack Roberts carried the pug he injured with his bike, Baxter, to Rory's apartment. 


“Look Miss…”
“Yes, yes, Rory, whatever. I’m not responsible for your hardship. If you hadn’t leapt out…”  Hack sank down on her sofa and stroked Baxter’s ears.
“You admitted losing control of your bike. And the officer is a
He shrugged. “Sue me. Take me to court.” He dropped his hand from the dog who promptly nudged him to continue.
She narrowed her eyes, “Maybe I will.”
“It takes a lot of money to bring a lawsuit.” Baxter nosed his face under Hack’s hand. The vet continued to pet the pug.
“Don’t be so confident I won’t. My brother is a lawyer. It’ll cost me zip-o to sue you.”
He stood up. “I don’t mean to be rude, but…”
“Rude? That’s exactly what you mean to be. You and Miss, Miss Toothpick of 2013. Nasty, self-satisfied, smug…”

“You haven’t heard anything yet.” Suddenly Rory’s aggressive manner appeared to seep out of her like helium out of a balloon. She glanced at Baxter then back at Hack. “I don’t know what I’m going to do. My boyfriend and I just broke up. I’m all alone.” Her words came out in a whisper. “How will I take care of Baxter.”
Despite rapid blinking, tears ran down her cheeks.
Hack looked down at his hands. Please turn off the waterworks. I can’t stand it. “Maybe I could pay for a dog walker…for Baxter.
Until you get the cast off.”
“That’d help,” she sniffled. Hack whipped out his handkerchief and poked it at Rory. She took it and wiped her face. “Need The Toothpick's approval?”
“Her name’s Felicia…”
“Do you sleep with her? How can you have sex with someone who disappears when she turns sideways?”
Bet you’re great in bed…so fiery and soft.  
“It’s not all red roses and Godiva Chocolates, but we’re compatible.” His groin tightened when he glanced at Rory’s chest.
“Compatible? Sounds like a real love match,” she snickered.
“How much do you need for a dog walker?” He stood up. If I don’t leave, I’m going to do something stupid.
“I…I don’t know.”
“You’re a dog walker yourself and you don’t know?” He raised his eyebrows.
“I don’t know who has free time. I’ll get back to you.”
I’ll get to talk to her again.

“Fine. You have my card.” Rory pushed to her feet as Hack moved toward the door. Baxter barked, causing her to turn sharply toward him and lose her balance. Hack caught her before she fell against the wall. His arm blocked her from a collision, forcing his fingers to close around her breast.
“Sorry,” he murmured removing his hand and helping her stand. Wow. Nice. Very nice.
“I’ll bet,” she mumbled, turning away to hide the blush in her cheeks.

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