Today is the launch of book 3 in the Hollywood Hearts series. MEMORIES OF LOVE is now available at the links below. But first profiles of our hero and heroine and a few snippets.

Can true love survive anything? A marriage to another? A seven year separation? Pregnant and alone, Cara stars in her first movie while Grant marries another. When felled by illness, she’s forced to give her child to Grant. Five years later, Fate strikes, reuniting them by chance. Will they discover that true love never dies? 
Meet the hero and heroine
Grant Hollings - a heart-breaker who falls for Carol Anne, a beautiful young actress. His heart is broken when she gets her big chance and leaves him for Hollywood. With his guard down, he's caught in the web of Evelyn, a lovesick woman determined to have him. Seven years later, does his heart still belong to Carol Anne or has Evelyn won him over with her devotion?
Cara Brewster - A gifted actress saddled with the financial responsibility of supporting her mother and sister, she strikes out to turn her one chance at fame into reality. Reluctant to leave behind the love or her life, she moves forward in the hopes that he'll wait for her. An unexpected pregnancy drives Cara to call her lover with the exciting news only to discover he's already married to another. Shattered, she struggles on alone until felled by illness. 
A few quotes
“I’m talking about reality. We’ll be three thousand miles away from each other, Cara Mia. That’s beyond geographically undesirable. That’s straight to…impossible.”

“Dreaming about her again?” His sister, Jane, had an annoying way of zeroing in on just what was on his mind, whether he wanted her to or not.

“She’s had five years to contact you, Grant. If she hasn’t by now…well, you know how I feel,” Jane sniffed, unwrapping her food.
“There must be a reason. There must. I tried to reach her a couple of times, but she was always on location. Never home…” His voice trailed off. 


Cara stood by the back gate and gazed out to the hills, remembering the day seven years ago, when she had called him to tell him she was pregnant. A frown creased her brow as the memory flashed in her mind.


Skip turned away from her, lying back and closing his eyes. The sound of chirping insects and an occasional songbird could be heard over the silence engulfing them. Finally, he stood up and walked over to her. Plopping down on the cushion, he put his arm around her.

“Maybe it’s time to give up waiting for Grant to call,” he whispered. “He’s married, babe.”
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