“No lunch today?” Rory’s gaze traveled the length of Hack. She liked looking at his tall, muscular frame
“I forgot. Don’t usually bring lunch to the clinic. I send out.” He took his seat by the computer.
 “Guess you’ll have to suffer through some of my food  today."
At noon, Rory stopped dictating and raised her arms high above her head. Her sharp eyes noticed Hack staring at her chest, like he did at every opportunity. She chuckled to herself. With that pancake he calls a woman, no wonder he loves my chest.
“Lunch break.”
Hack stood and stretched his arms and legs. “Someday I’m going to go into major cramping from that desk.”
“Then I’ll call 911. Come on. I’ve got something new I made.” 
"Do you have the number for the poison control center handy?’
“Very funny.” She pulled out two small potpies.
“What’s in there, the body of your last boyfriend.” He chuckled at his own cleverness.
“If you don’t stop, I’m going to give yours to Baxter!”
At the mention of his name, Baxter jumped down from the sofa and padded over to Rory, bumping his splint rhythmically againstthe wooden floor. She pulled a treat out of a bag on the counter and fed it to him.
“He’s going to get fat if you give him a treat every time he begs. Not good training either.”
“God! Don’t you ever let go? Ever just do something because you want to or it feels good?”
“I can be spontaneous,” he sniffed.
She cracked up, doubling over. “Really? And hippos can fly.” She chucked the pot pies into the oven. "Does Miss Beanpole cook? No, probably not. After all she doesn’t eat, so why cook?”
“We order in.”
“Not everyone can afford to order in.”
Within five minutes the tempting aroma of beef and flaky crust filled the tiny apartment. Rory noticed Hack staring at the oven. Poor guy needs a home-cooked meal.
“Could use some help here. Don’t need to add a third degree burn to my broken arm.”
Hack took the not-so-subtle hint, donned oven mitts and removed the pies. He placed them on a rack to cool. Rory poked a hole in her creation to let out the steam. She lifted a small portion on a fork and blew on it.
“Here, take a bite and tell me what you think.” She fed him the morsel then chewed her lip. Hack closed his eyes.
     “So? What do you think?”
     “I think you’re wasting your time writing when you could be a successful chef.” 
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