This story has grabbed some folks. I've been asked to continue it and not wait for Tuesday Tales to roll around again. Besides, Rory and Hack have the next few Tuesday Tales sewn up! If you haven't read the first two installments, scroll down and you'll find them. Here's the next scene from:
Dale couldn't stop watching the time. Cliff will be here in five minutes to pick up Sylvia. Dale fussed about the shop, washing dishes that weren't dirty and half-listening to Sylvia go on about her wedding twenty years ago
"...I can bring in my wedding picture. Do you have one?"
"What?" Dale picked up her head.
"A wedding picture. Do you have one?"
"Here?  I'm not sure."
"Will you bring one in tomorrow if I bring in mine?"
"Sure, sure." Dale saw a dark SUV pull up to the curb out in front. The driver honked his horn. 
Bastard! Coward! Afraid to come in and face me. Her mouth set in a grim line. The ice around her heart hardened. Good. I don't want to see you either. 

Bursting through the strict controls she imposed on her emotions, a flutter in her chest and a slight sting of tears in her eyes stopped her cold.  Betrayer! I don't care about you. You married her. But even as the oft-repeated words in her head, appeared again, she knew they were a lie. 

Suddenly, the unbearable pain in her heart was almost as fresh as when she first found out.
"Tommy's here. See you tomorrow."
Dale managed a wan smile. "Tomorrow, then."
"Don't forget your wedding picture," Sylvia said.
"I won't."
Dale helped her friend to the door, then held it open while Sylvia moved slowly toward the car. Dale tried to turn away from the big picture window, but couldn't. 
Cliff was heading around the back of the car. He opened the door and helped his wife in. When he shut the door, he glanced briefly at the shop window. Their eyes connected and he stopped short. His mouth opened, then closed.
 Dale couldn't keep all her tears in check. One ran down her cheek. She rested  her palm on the glass. Cliff paled as he stood, frozen to the sidewalk. He mouthed the word "Dale?"
She saw Sylvia lean out the window and call to her husband. Cliff shook his head for a second before tearing his gaze away from Dale.  
When he reached the driver's side, he stopped and looked over the roof of the car at Dale, still in the window. 
Overcome with emotion, she turned quickly and moved to the back of the store. 
She rested her head against the wall, allowing tears to cascade down her cheeks as she heard the slam of Cliff's car door. When she looked again, his car was gone. 
If you like this story and want to read more, please leave a comment and I'll continue on with it. Thanks for stopping by.

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