New Release - MOVIE LOVERS - Hollywood Hearts, book 4


Each book in the Hollywood Hearts series is a stand-alone as well as part of the series. Meet Grace Brewster and Jake Matthews and read a little of their story. 
A bit about the book

Can revenge turn to regret? Humiliated by a slick producer and her sister’s co-star, Grace uses the Internet for payback. But the scheme turns sour, robbing Grace of the only happiness she’s known since the death of her beloved mother. Can she regain the respect of the man she loves and rebuild her life?   

Under the hot spray, she relaxed even more. Emotion gathered in her and tears flowed. She propped her head up against the tile and sobbed.
Checking her phone, she discovered a series of texts from her sister. Cara! Need to hear your voice. But I can’t tell you why. You’ll be ashamed of me. With a badly shaking hand, Grace dialed through a flood of emotion.
When she opened the door, there stood an incredible looking young man. He was about six feet two with perfectly trimmed, light brown hair on the short side, light brown eyes, shoulders as wide as a city block, and a smile that dazzled like sunlight. Her mouth hung open.

“You shouldn’t have another one of those.” She reached for the glass.

Jake snatched his drink away from her grasp and raised it high above her head. “I’m a grown man. I’ll drink what I want. Why do you care, anyway? You don’t even like me.”

He looked so sexy with his hair falling over his forehead and his tie hanging loose, waiting for her to work her magic. ...A small shiver raced up her spine. “Closer,” she motioned.
“Don’t have to ask me twice.” He stepped up until his chest was only an inch from hers. She swallowed before reaching up and grasping both ends of his bowtie. A few seconds later, it was tied. “Always wear a tux. It suits you.”

As the kissing got intense, he eased her back down until he was on top of her. Grace wound her arms around his neck then slid her hands into his hair. When he released her mouth, he began
his gentle assault on her neck.  Tiny kisses from her earlobe to her shoulder made her shiver. Her breath became ragged. He slipped his hand under her top and up her ribcage.  
Grace couldn’t stop smiling. Best date in years…maybe ever. She was humming as she entered.

Gracie shrunk back, horrified. Jake looked at her, his eyes hard. “Is that true?”
She stood silently, her feet riveted to the floor, unwilling to lie to Jake, but unable to admit the truth. 
If you want to know what happens to Gracie and Jake, you'll have to buy the book. It's available here:

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