On the Road with Sandy Sullivan


My travels to conferences to reach out to readers continues as side-kick to my publisher, Sandy Sullivan. This trip is in New York, my stomping ground.
 Sandy arrived on Wednesday. We spent the afternoon eating burgers and sitting by the 79th Street boat basin, watching boats on the Hudson River and hunky runners on the path below. It was a delightfully warm and hazy day.

Dinner outside at an Italian restaurant on the corner had us scrambling to get out of the rain. But the raindrops didn't stop us from enjoying a fantastic chocolate fondue and tiramisu! We dried off in the theater and saw the show Chicago on Broadway. Fabulous, as always!

Thursday was the day to get together with other Secret Cravings authors: Carolyn Gibbs, Troy Storm, Karen Cino, Jeanine McAdam, Cathy Greenfeder and Ruth Aleshevsky. Lunch at The Cottage, my favorite Chinese restaurant and dinner at Planet Sushi, my favorite Japanese restaurant.

We were stranded by a huge downpour and rescued by my DH to came, accompanied by Homer and two umbrellas.

Friday was an exciting day as we headed out for Staten Island where our PR person, Karen Cino,  had arranged for us to film an interview on a local Cable channel. Hoping Sandy would get a good view of the Statue of Liberty from the windows of the Staten Island ferry, we were disappointed as hoards of people swarmed on to the boat, plugging up every crevice between our seat and the windows. Alas, we got a brief peek, but the boat ride was still pleasant. Where did all those people come from? Tourist season has begun in NYC.

We had a wonderful time at the studio and filming our hour interview was great fun. Karen provided fabulous food and organized the event down to the most minute detail. Well done, Karen!!

Racing across the river back to Manhattan on a much emptier ferry, we got a stunning view of Lady Liberty -- a great reminder how lucky we all are to live here. A mad dash out to  Long Island for a barbecue today. More on that when we return. This part of the trip has been eventful...a broken suitcase, a fire alarm at the hotel and a few other glitches. Have a great Saturday. I'll return tonight for an update.

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