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Rory couldn’t sit still. She paced, made tea, forgot to drink it, petted Baxter, fed him breakfast twice. 
Conversation with Hack was getting too personal. Don’t admit anything. Nothing! He’s engaged. Do you want to have an affair with him just to watch him marry her? Besides, if he loves her, he couldn’t possibly love you. Want to sleep with you, yes. Love you, no. But he sure is delicious. 
She jumped when the buzzer sounded. Rory took several deep breaths, trying to control the runaway beating of her heart. Be cool. Calm. Distant. Yeah, right. Good luck with that. 
She opened the door and noticed right away, something was 
different. Hack was different. Gone was the scruffy t-shirt and jeans. He wore khaki pants, pressed perfectly, a fresh blue shirt, open at the neck. His scruff wasn’t out of control, but trimmed to just the right length. And he wore a touch of cologne along with a twinkle in his eye and a charming smile. He’s trying to seduce you. Beware! Her pulse kicked up higher. Don’t have a stroke, for God’s sake! 
“Going out later?”
“Dressed up for me?” His face colored. “Didn’t think I’d notice?” 
“Simply dressing better. I mean if I’m engaged to a fashionista, I ought to dress better, right?”
“Did Miss Bread Stick tell you that?” Anger colored her tone.
He shook his head.  “About the other day…”
“Forgotten.” She waved her hand.
“Let me explain.” He tugged her down onto the sofa. “What I meant was…geez, your stories are about plenty of sex but no love. How can they be romances without love?”
“I know but…”
“Let me finish. Your writing is good, but…well…you’re a person who knows a lot about love. They say, write what you know. Not saying you don’t know about sex, obviously you do…a lot.” His blush deepened. “But you also know about love. I see it with your pug rescue stuff.  Write about love…love for pugs…love for people. You can write about that better than anyone, I bet.”
Rory didn’t utter a sound.
Hack laughed. “Not easy to make you speechless.”
She turned toward him, put one hand on each side of his face and kissed him hard.
"Thank you! No one has ever said that to me before. You’re right. Absolutely right. I do know a lot about love.  Let’s get started. Coffee?”
Now it was Hack’s turn to be speechless. Rory turned away to hide her face. Holy Hell! What did I just do?

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