Welcome to my Tuesday Tales picture prompt story this week. We'll be delving into THE BIG LIE again for this one.

Dale Carruthers strolled down Main Street in Willow Falls, carrying a cup of coffee. Taking a break from running her stepmother's  coffee shop, she peeked in the window of Purdy’s antique store. Junk store is more like it. She made a face as her gaze jumped from one dusty object to another.
“Find anything you like?” A female voice said.
Dale turned to see her brand-new friend Sylvia standing there, wheeling her oxygen tank behind her.
“Let me help you.” Dale took the sickly woman by the elbow and walked her back to the shop. She prepared her friend’s favorite coffee, then joined her.  Sylvia was a regular customer. Despite her failing health, she was still an intelligent woman with a quick wit. Dale looked forward to her visits.
“How long can you stay?”
“Tommy’ll be by to pick me up in an hour. That’s about all for today.”
“Have you lived here long?”
“A year or so. Tommy grew up here."
"Tommy? Maybe I know him?"
"Oh, his name isn’t really Tommy. That’s my nickname for him. His last name's Thomas.”
Dale became rigid. Her smile dissolved into a thin line. “Thomas?”
“Right. Clifford Thomas. Some call him Cliff. Do you know him?"
Dale didn’t hear anything after Cliff Thomas’ name. She dropped her coffee mug, which shattered on the floor, spraying her legs with warm coffee. 
"Oh my goodness, are you all right?” Sylvia put her hand on Dale's arm as she sat frozen.
“My, we’d better clean this up,” Sylvia said.
Dale stood up, as stiff as a robot. “I’ll get this.” She retrieved a rag from behind the counter.
“Did you know Cliff?” Sylvia persisted.
Dale nodded, kneeling on the floor. "A little." Her pulse kicked up. Know him? I was in love with him.

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