A few words from the deck...


I'm back in our little shack in Lake Huntington, aka Pine Grove to my readers. 
I've been traveling and hardly had a chance to breathe. When it came time to pack up to come here, I groaned. Fill another suitcase. Take another car trip? 
But once I got here, I remembered why I love it so much. 

This morning the call of the chickadee made me smile as I sat with computer open, ready to work. 
Next to the goldfinch, chicadees are my favorite small bird.

It's hot up here. No air conditioning. Just ceiling fans. But the humidity is lower and I enjoy the heat. Every now and then a cool breeze blows through. We're drinking tons of iced mint sun tea. 
It's great to see our friends who also have cabins in this little enclave. We haven't seen them but once since last summer. Lots of catching up to do, drinks and dinners to share.

It's taken two days for me to shake exhaustion and feel renewed. Just the sight of DH's thriving garden and a hummingbird made me smile. 
We almost missed  the estilbe blooming. Thank goodness we got here in time.

This morning at six, I'm up with the gray squirrel, chipmunk, purple finch and chickadee, feeling like writing.

 Our little deck is the perfect place to channel LOVE'S LAST CHANCE and watch the birds. 

Taking time to renew your spirit is so important. As important as chasing the big gray squirrel off the the bird feeder! I hope you're breathing fresh air and taking time to smell the flowers and enjoy life. Thanks for stopping by. 
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