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Hack grabbed her shoulder and spun her around. She cringed, prepared for his anger at her presumption. Crap, I kissed him! What was I thinking? Miss Pencil will have my scalp.
Quickly he surrounded her with his arms, pulling her in to him for a real kiss. His mouth descended on hers before she could protest. 
 His hand cradled the back of her head while his tongue insisted on entering her mouth. He pressed his chest against hers igniting a fire inside her. His other arm encircled her waist, pinning her to him.
Rory’s eyes closed as her body relaxed while his tongue caressed hers. Her arms wound around his neck and a soft moan escaped her throat. She moved her fingers up the back of his neck. His fingers threaded through her silky hair. The heat of his passion made her knees wobble, but he held her fast.
When he let go, the look of surprise on his face made her giggle. Taken over by his own libido, eh? He stepped back, lowering his eyes as his face turned bright red.
“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. I wouldn’t blame you if you called the judge and had me hauled in for assault.”
Rory put her hand on his arm and bent down until her eyes made contact with his, which were aimed at the floor.
“Don’t apologize. That was…breath-taking,” she said softly.
“You’re not mad?”
She shook her head. Then he went on, his words pouring out in a rush.
“I mean I’m engaged and I shouldn’t be thinking, let alone kissing or touching or anything, with another woman. And I mean, I need to be faithful to Felicia…we’ve known each other forever and no other woman should…”
But Rory stopped him with her mouth. Her lips closed over his while her fingers got a sturdy hold of his shoulders. She moved her hips against his and pressed. He responded, folding her into his embrace and taking over. His hands caressed her back then one slid down to squeeze her behind. She gave a little squeak at the intimacy. His other hand stroked her hair, his fingers combing through the soft strands again and again.

He kissed her gently this time,
waiting for her to kiss him back. His
lips nibbled on hers, his hands and fingers slowly, sensuously,
seducing her with every touch. She offered no resistance,
encouraging his exploration with her soft moans. When they broke, only ragged breathing broke the silence. They stood looking at each other as sunlight streamed in the windows.
“The sun on your hair…beautiful,” he said, reaching for his jacket. “You’re amazing…some man’ll be very lucky to spend his life making love to you. It can’t be me. Dammit. It can’t. I’m committed. I’m sorry. You’ll never know how sorry.” In a flash he was out the door and down the steps, leaving a bewildered Rory on the verge of tears.
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