Do you feel comfortable naked?


When I was dating my college boyfriend, I was pretty shy about letting him see me naked. In bed, I'd drape myself in sheets, and if I had to leave the bedroom, I'd grab a towel, or if there wasn't one, I'd slowly back out of the room, which in hindsight must have looked insane.

Thankfully nowadays I feel much more comfortable walking around starkers. Partly because I'm older and wiser (imperfections are beautiful! people aren't that critical!) and also because I'm married and know Alex loves me and is stuck with me. :)

Funnily enough, a new study says that women feel happiest with their naked bodies at 34 (my exact age)—which is, as Jezebel put it, "the magical age when, after 20 years of being overly self-critical, they finally realize how great they really are—just in time for the curtain call of the real shit show that is aging." Made me laugh.

I'm curious: On a scale of 1 to 10, how comfortable do you feel naked?

P.S. The secret to relationships, and would you wait to kiss until your wedding day?
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