My morning with Anton


This morning Anton and I rallied and went on a little adventure in the West Village...
I rarely go to press events, but Blue Hill restaurant—which also has a beautiful farm and fancy restaurant in the Hudson Valley—was doing a tasting of their new yogurts, and I thought they'd be fun to try. So Anton and I got duded up and headed over.
The four yogurts have vegetable flavors: beet, carrot, butternut squash and tomato. Don't you love the packaging? Those illustrations are fantastic.
My two favorites were beet (sweet and smooth) and butternut squash (which tasted like pumpkin pie, with cinnamon, nutmeg and clove). But while some other guests raved about the carrot and tomato, I wished they were a little sweeter. You could definitely taste the vegetables! The tomato had a funny under taste, as Ms. Woodhouse might say.
Anyway, it was a fun morning—felt restorative to be out and about:) Would you try veggie yogurts? Which yogurts do you like? I also like this kind, which my friend Abbey turned me onto.

P.S. Playing with chickens at the farm.
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