Photos from the weekend


How was your weekend? The crisp fall weather was gorgeous! After a nutty week, this weekend was great and restorative. (Thanks for the sweet comments.) Here are a few more photos, just for fun...
We met this lovely street artist, who Toby thought was Santa. His head almost exploded.
We met some friends at the playground. (Funnily enough, this little guy above was Toby's very first friend.)
Anton has been smiling like crazy! It kills me!
On Saturday evening, we had peanut-butter-and-jelly-sandwich picnic in the grassy meadow in front of our new building (where Toby has had all his birthday parties). Anton passed on the sandwiches and instead ate his hands.
These were the views! Since our building is way over by the water, Alex and I were talking about how feels like we live in the suburbs but in Manhattan. It's a funny mix. Looking forward to sharing more photos of our new apartment once we finally get it decorated.
The scene on my desk on Monday morning made me smile.

What did you do this weekend? Hope you had a good one! Lots of love! xoxo
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