A Little Piece of Heaven Away From Home


My husband, Bruce and I decided that we needed a little overnight getaway on Saturday, to one of our favorite B&B's, the Shaker Hill B&B, in Enfield, New Hampshire.  It was a lovely, sunny day in the high 70's, when we left home, after my husband finished working, and what a perfect day for the drive there.

When we arrived around 5:00 p.m. it had just rained in Enfield, and it was cool with a slight breeze.  The gardens at the B&B were all in bloom and all so beautiful that we just had to walk all around the grounds and take some pictures. Talk about peace and tranquility......it was like a "little piece of heaven" away from home.

You can imagine that it was not easy to leave on Sunday.  We would have loved to spend hours rocking peacefully away on this porch, taking in all of the beauty and simplicity of this very peaceful and tranquil setting.
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