Sweet Land of Liberty!


"Our Country Tis of Thee, Sweet Land of Liberty
Of Thee I Sing!"

How blessed we are in America, that we can still sing of the incredible freedoms and liberties that we, as Americans, still enjoy in this beautiful country, home of nation of free people.  We are blessed by a nation, so rich in its' heritage of men and women who sacrificed so much, fighting in many wars, both here and abroad, to preserve our precious way of life here in the United States.

Today, July 4th, may we celebrate our Declaration of Independence, signed 343 years ago by our founding fathers, declaring  our independence from Great Britain, and establishing our country as a free nation of men and women, to live, under God, with liberty, freedom and justice for all people!

I was inspired to pull out an "Americana" needleroll pattern, from my Shepherd's Bush stash.

It has been a really hot day here in Massachusetts, reaching 93 degrees in Boston, where the Boston Pops is getting ready to start up the 4th of July celebration at the historic "Hatshell" with a great celebration of music right now.  We have stayed indoors most of the day where it is cool.  I baked a rhubarb crisp for us all to enjoy tonight while we enjoy watching the festivities together at home.  Yum...can't wait to taste it.  It is an old recipe from Bruce's mother, and she was an incredible cook.....mmmmm. wonder if my attempt to recreate it will be a good one.  We'll see...

God Bless You...wherever you may be spending this 4th of July, and God Bless America!
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