A Wonderful Day!


Why was today such a wonderful day?  Well, first of all, it is Saturday and a day all to myself to do whatever I want to do.  So, what did I do?  One of my very dearest friends, Martha, came over for morning tea and muffins and we spent a couple of hours just chattering away about everything under the sun.  Between my being "under the weather" for almost a month, and Martha having to clear out rooms that were water damaged from winter snows, so that repairs can be made, we just haven't had any time to get together.  So today was a great blessing for us to spend some special time with one another.

I also finished putting together my BBD " Remember Me" pincushion.  The next time that I do the finishing of another similar piece, I think that I will attach the lace between the "Right" sides together, BEFORE I stitch up the piece, leaving the opening for turning it right sides out.  It would have been much easier than trying to whip stitch it to the perimeter of the pincushion after it has been filled.  Ah well.....isn't that how we learn?  Here is my finish.  It is filled with "Lavender", which gives off an incredible scent, but was a bit overpowering  while I was sewing on the lace edging!

Then I spent a little time before dear husband came home from work, stitching a bit an Easter Egg Pin Keep  that I hope can be finished before Easter, called "Easter Frills" (With thy Needle & Thread) .  Hopefully I will be able to make more progress tonight after supper.  Isn't it a cute design?  I love it!

Well, all for now.  I have been looking at stitching blogs for a while and catching up on some emails, and I will never get supper started and get to my stitching if I don't get going!

Crossing in Stitches & Friendship With You Again!

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