Some Stitching Goodies & Blessings


My exciting news for this weekend is that I received a package of stitching goodies from the Rhode Island Stitchers' Giveaway.  When they notified me that I had been selected, out of a random drawing, to be the recipient of their stitching giveaway, I couldn't believe the words I was reading on the email.  Since I can't recall the last time, if ever, that I have won anything, I really was speechless!  Isn't this great?

Thank You to the Rhode Island Stitchers!  Check out their blog (listed here)

Other stitching news to report is that I finally picked up LHN "Exodus 20:16" from my framer's, and I love how the frame I selected compliments the piece so nicely.  Now to find a good place to hang it, among my many other stitched pieces....Hmmm
Hopefully, in between having family and friends here tonight and tomorrow afternoon to celebrate Mother's Day with everyone, there will be a little peaceful time left over to take a few stitches on my latest small project, Drawn Thread's "May Calendar Cover".  I just have to stitch some little flowers, which are composed of Smyrna Cross and Boss Stitch, and they are truly fun to do, and such pretty colours too.  So next week I will put it together with a complimentary lining fabric.  They are so much fun to stitch and go fairly quickly.  It is the finishing that takes more time and patience.

To all of you, who are Mothers, soon to be Mothers, or if you are planning something special for your own Mother, I wish all of you a very happy, blessed and lovely Mother's Day!

Love and Blessings to You!
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