Who Will Receive The Gifts For Twelve Days of Christmas?


At last, the Twelve Days of Christmas, with all of it's beauty, is now long past and but a memory.....
Before I tell you who will be the recipients of my gifts, I want to tell all of my dear blog friends, just how much I appreciated the wonderful Christmas memories that you shared each day, and for your wonderful friendship.  You are all true blessings to me!

And now, the best is yet to come...............
 I have the extraordinary pleasure of telling you who will be receiving MY Twelve Gifts!  So that you will know that the names were chosen fairly, I used the "True Random Number Generator" for your names (each with a number) to be selected.

The First Gift of Christmas, "Oh Come All Ye Faithful"  is for Donna TN.
The Second Gift of Christmas, "Love Birds", is for Butterfly.
The Third Gift of Christmas, "Keepsake Christmas Stocking", is for Carm.
The Fourth Gift of Christmas, "Quaker Christmas Sampler", is for Carol. 
The Fifth Gift of Christmas, "Christmas Poinsettia", is for Marion. 
The Sixth Gift of Christmas, "Eloquent Christmas" Tree, is for Kaisievic (Kaye). 
The Seventh Gift of Christmas, "Angel Watching Over Me", is for Evalina. 
The Eighth Gift of Christmas, "Pure and Pleasant" Pincushion, is for Deborah. 
The Ninth Gift of Christmas, "Cross-Stitch & Needlework Magazine", is for Kat. 
The Tenth Gift of Christmas, "Country Christmas Blocks", is for Carin. 
The Eleventh Gift of Christmas, "Family Mittens", is for Marcela66. 
And last but not the least......The Twelfth Gift of Christmas, "NOEL Blanc", is for Jo.

Congratulations to all!  May you have many peaceful hours of stitching in this New Year of 2012.  I feel so blessed to have met all of you over the past few years, and I look forward to many more wonderful times of sharing our love of stitching and more in the coming year ahead.

May the threads that connect us all to one another continue to create a beautifully woven tapestry of friendship and stitching joy!

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