Today's post is part of the continuing story, FINDING LOVE IN SANTA'S THRIFT SHOP. Will has shown anger and indifference to Giselle. She's still in love with him and doesn't understand his coldness. Has his son, Bobby, managed to softened his heart?

 Christmas Day was the quietest day of the year in Pine Grove.  Giselle arose early. Her small house seemed more lonely than usual. Time to close up shop. She forced some cereal down though she had no appetite.  She planned to return to the city by the end of the week.  

Pulling on her boots, she sighed as she zipped up her down jacket and headed for the car. Santa’s Thrift Shop was the only shop open. She pulled down boxes to store the holiday decorations. Sell them. Not doing this next year. Too painful being in the same town with Will. While putting a box up in the back, she heard the familiar tinkle of the bell on the front door.  She raised an eyebrow as she climbed down the stepladder.

“I told you she’s not here,” a deep voice said as she came around the corner.

Bobby Benson stood in the front of the store, snow clinging to his boots, his cheeks red from the cold.

“She ishere, Daddy. Told ya.” Bobby carefully removed his mittens and stuffed them in his pockets.

“The store is closed today, sweetie.” Giselle tried to avoid Will’s glare. Bobby took a small red box from his father’s hand and stepped forward. “This is for you.”

Giselle moved closer. “You shouldn’t have…I…” Will shrugged and nodded. She opened the box slowly. Inside was a lollypop ring.

“Will you marry me, Giselle?” The little boy asked.

“I didn’t know about this,” Will said.

“Bobby, you’re too young to get married,” she said, gently, tearing up.

“Daddy’s not too young. Marry her, Daddy.”
Giselle glanced at Will’s hard face before casting her gaze to the floor.   
“She doesn’t want to, Bobby.”
“Who says?” She muttered, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand.

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