Snow, Snow, Snow.....


Another big snowstorm is raging up and down the Northeastern coast today.  It started yesterday with light snow showers off and on all day, and last night it began to pick up.  Today, we are literally blanketed with snow....about 16 inches+ here so far.  I had to shovel out a little path off of our back deck for poor little Meggie to go out this morning.  She looked bewildered, as if to say, "You've got to be kidding Mommy, really?"  She came in shaking cold, but is now all snuggly warm, cuddled up snug in her bed now.

I just couldn't resist stitching a little more on Quaker Christmas II this past week.  After all, with the snow outside, it really feels more like Christmas time, and it is going to take quite a while before I finish this beautiful sampler.  
I am getting a little eager to start stitching on something new, and think that I may need to switch off between Quaker Christmas and a new project.  Haven't decided what my new piece will be yet, so stay tuned!

We were very blessed to spend some wonderful time, this past week with our two little grandsons, Emerson and Harrison. 
Emerson & Grandmama

Harrison & Daddy
On another note, I would like to ask for prayers for my elderly parents, William and Eleanor, who are 86 and 84 years old. Mother has very advanced Alzheimer's Disease, and Dad, who had a triple bypass and mild stroke, in the past 3-4 years, is alert, oriented and managing fairly well, with my youngest brother and his wife living with them.  However, in the past few weeks it has become very apparent that Mother will need more skilled care very soon than any of them are able to provide for her.  My sister, who lives about an hour and a half from them, is looking into Assisted Living Residences for them, close to where she lives.  She and I are working together to facilitate a move for them very soon, but we know that it will be a huge change for them, and especially for Mother, who is so easily upset by any change in her environment or daily routine.  We need so much prayer for them. 

Thank you, to so many of you, my very dear friends.  I know that many of you, too, have or are dealing with very similar circumstances in your own parents' lives.  It is not an easy thing, when the roles of parents and children change, and we need to take on the role of figuring out how to help them be willing to accept the good care that they now need. 

Forgive me for rambling on today, but thank you for listening and for caring, as I know you do.

Blessings to all of you!
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