ADORA SMUTA , back by popular demand and cleared of all lawsuits, is interviewing Chaz Duncan, hero of IF I LOVED YOU. Fasten your seat belts, this is going to be one bumpy ride!

 Adora: Chaz Duncan, finally! I’ve been dying to get my hands on you for a long time.

Chaz: Hey, Adora, a handshake will do. *eases out of her embrace*. We’re on camera, Adora, take it easy.

Adora: Oh, yes. Pardon me. *blushes*. Tell me, Chaz, in the book IF I LOVED YOU, you talked about screwing around in your early days in theater then getting burned. Would you like to elaborate on that? *flutters her eyelashes*.

Chaz: Hell no! You’re kidding right?

Adora: I’m never kidding. Everyone knows I have no sense of humor. My readers want to know about your sex life. All the details. And a gorgeous hunk like you must have much to tell.

Chaz: What the hell? I thought this interview was supposed to be about the book?

Adora: It is. You mentioned this in the book. Your mistake. Jean knows that anything in the book is fair game.

Chaz: *runs his finger around his collar* She never told me that.

Adora: If you don’t want to talk about that, how about telling us about Meg.

Chaz: *brightens* The love of my life. Sure, what do you want to know?

Adora: *evil smile* What’s her favorite position in the bedroom?

Chaz: What? Wait a minute…

Adora: You asked what I wanted to know and I want to know that. So do all my fans out there, right? *turns to face the audience*

Chaz: Now wait a minute…I’m not a kiss and tell kind of guy.

Adora: Who’s talking about kissing? But if you want to tell us how long it took you to French her, well, I won’t object.

Chaz: *blushes* What? No, no I never said anything about kissing.

Adora: You certainly did. Scroll down a few lines, Chaz.

Chaz: This interview isn’t anything like Jean said.

Adora: Ah, Jean lies. All the time. That’s how she gets sexy men like you to come here for an interview.

Chaz: JEAN! Where are you? Come out here, dammit! *makes a fist*.

Adora: We could continue this interview in private…it’s getting hot in here. I hope you don’t mind if I get comfortable? *unbuttons blouse*

Chaz: Jean, I’ll get you for this. I’m outta here. *pushes to his feet and runs to the door.*

Adora: Gee, was it something I said?
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