My friend, talented author Jeff Conine, and I were fortunate to be interviewed by John Austin on the radio for his program, THE BOOK CLUB!
The show airs Tuesday at 10am. In my interview, I answer questions by readers. Here are some of the questions I tackle:

1. Pat M.  Hudson, Fl.  Is there a real Pine Grove and if so, do people who live in the town see themselves in your books? 
3. Mike R.  Palatine, IL  Is there a real Pine Grove and if so, where is it because he wants to move there because the town seems to have lots of smart, sexy, single women.
4. Jamie,  Beaverton, Or. Has read three of your books and Sunny is her favorite heroine.  Do you have a favorite and which heroine is most like you? 
5. Ariele R  Brooklyn, N.Y.  She is in grad school and is drawn to writing, but wants to know if she has any talent in that direction.  Do you have any suggestions? 
6. Gary M.  St Petersburg, Fl  Has written two books and has an idea for a third, but when he starts to write, he can’t get by the first few pages.  Any suggestions?  He has tried an outline and starting with the characters, but still can’t seem to continue. 
7. Gail G.  Toledo, Oh is there any character in any of your books that is based on you? 
8. Lynn B  The Villages, Fl  Married to a retired military guy and enjoyed “Love, Lost and Found”.  Heard there were more titles to come.  What and When?  Also are you or you husband retired Military  and if not what made you decide to do military based books? 
9. Maria G.  Tarpon Springs, Fl.  Are you married and if so, what does your husband think of the sex scenes in the book? 
10.Tamara M. Georgia  Most series have a theme that runs through the series.  Is there a theme that runs through the Hollywood Hearts series and would you share that theme with the listeners? 
Tune in tomorrow for the answers to these and 10 more questions. Or, if you can't wait, and want to hear the interview now, here's the link: THE BOOK CLUB.
Jeff is interviewed about his book, LAST AUTUMN. Here is a snippet so you can see the quality of his writing. The book has some autobiographical elements, but well, I'll let Jeff tell you all about it himself. 
 Acknowledgment made, he prepared to shave.  As he did, he reminded himself, as he always did during his baptism and shaving ritual, that there were no excuses in this life--none to mitigate what might have been.  You pay as you go, buddy.  This reminder held special meaning today: Linda was coming.  No excuses, he reflected, and no justice either--but some nights you get the chance to roll the bones twice.
Thinking this, Jake dropped his towel and turned away from his now clear image, abruptly repulsed and shaken.  His face, his quarters, his trembling hands, betrayed him, signaled his fall from a tolerable marriage and a reasonable, though empty, livelihood to an isolated existence of functional drunkenness and fading creativity.  A crooked smile appeared.  More's the pity. He knew life's principles now.  No excuses, no justice.  How clear.
If you can't wait for tomorrow, here's the link to Jeff's interview podcast. THE BOOK CLUB

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