Welcome to Tuesday Tales. Thanks for stopping by.  This is another scene from my WIP, tentatively titled: 
“Okay, Sixteen hundred bucks for two months of dog walking for Baxter. As we agreed.” Dr. Hack Roberts signed the check, turning his gaze to lovely Rory wearing a sling and a pretty print sundress.  While waiting for the ink to dry, he noted how well the bright blue and green print complemented her gold hair. He couldn’t control his gaze as it slid down to ogle her generous breasts, peeping out from the heart-shaped neckline. His mouth went dry as desert sand and his fingertips itched at the thought of touching her. Stop that! You’re engaged!
 “You still here?” Felicia entered the office unannounced. The ugly look on her face when she spied Rory made him frown. Why’s she jealous? We’re engaged.  “Picking up a check. Do you mind?” Rory pushed past the stick-thin, fashionista.
“And if I do?”
“Then I might have to tell you to lump it,” Rory quipped.
“Don’t try to squeeze more money out of Hack! I know women like you. Taking what they can get…looking for a man who’s a soft touch.”
“Sounds a lot like you,” Rory murmured, trying to stifle a smile.
“Why you! You’re the most…most…” she stuttered.
“Aggravating woman in the world? Smartest woman in the world? Ballsy woman in the world.” Her eyes screamed mischief and Hack had to look away to hide his smile.
“If you’re so smart, how come he’s engaged to me and not you?” A smug look washed over Felicia’s overly made-up face.
“He owes me this money. Hitting me and my dog with his bicycle has ruined my life. I can’t work.”
“Watch this eye for a tear! No man to take care of you? Pity. Such a surprise…woman with a mouth like yours.”
“You have no idea what my mouth can do.”
At that, Hack spit out the coffee he was drinking.
“Is that a shot?” Felicia asked, her hackles up.
“Why don’t you ask Hack?” Rory’s eyes glistened with merriment.
“Forget it, Felicia.” Hack tried to erase the image of things Rory’s mouth could do from his mind. He ripped the check from the checkbook and handed it to Rory. Their fingers brushed causing a tingle to travel up his arm like a rocket. He raised his gaze to hers and noticed a slight flush move up from her chest to her cheeks. Her blush is beautiful.
 After Rory left the office, Felicia plunked down opposite him, trying to smooth her ruffled feathers. “You could have spoken up. And what was that mouth crack about?”A buzz on his intercom saved him.  
“Personal delivery.”
A few seconds later the door to his office opened and a strange man came in. “Dr. Hansen Roberts?” Hack pushed to his feet. The man handed him an envelope. “Sir, you have been served.”
Hack’s mouth fell open as he ripped the envelope apart. Sure enough, inside were legal papers from Rory’s brother.
“That little…she’s suing me!”
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