Welcome Kathleen Ball, Western Romance Writer to my HARD Interview!


Come on in, Kathleen. You've written some of my favorite books. Have a seat. Have a brownie while I pour the coffee. Get comfortable before I grill, I mean ask, you some questions.
  1.     Why do you write the genre you write?
I write Contemporary Western Romance because that is what I like to read. I’ve read just about every genre out there and I found myself gravitating towards books with cowboys.
2.     What does your family say about your writing?
They are very supportive. My dad wears a t-shirt with Callie’s Heart cover on it at his retirement home and he loves when people ask what it is. The outpouring of support has been absolutely amazing.
3.     What is the hardest part of being a writer for you?
Staying off facebook.  Seriously the hardest part is knowing there is a deadline.
4.     What’s one piece of advice you give to an aspiring writer?
Build your social network before you are published. If you do a little everyday by the time your book is released you can hit the ground running.
5.     Do you open a bottle of wine if you get a bad review?
No, maybe I should.
6.     How do you handle rejection?
First I’m insulted, then mad. If feedback is given I take that into consideration. Sometimes feedback and advice is needed.
7.     What advice would you give to an aspiring writer who gets rejections?
Don’t give up. I was told by a contest judge to never write again. I can laugh now but at the time I was devastated—BUT—I reread what she said a few days later when I was in a better frame of mind. I didn’t know the rules of writing and the rules of romance writing. I knew my story was good. I reedited it after looking up the rules and kept entering it – Texas Haven – into RWA contests. Ones that gave feedback from a judge. It became my best learning tool.
 8.     What one thing would you change about your writing career?
I feel as though I wasted a whole year trying to find an agent. For some reason I thought that’s what you were supposed to do. I wish I had known that you could submit to publishers yourself.
9.     Is editing a learning experience for you or a nightmare? Explain.
The first edit of each book is a nightmare when you see all the red marks and corrections you have to make. I take a deep breath and dive in, taking one thing at a time. I have learned so much. I believe that a good editor works with an author and offers advice and explanations as to why things need to be changed. I’m happy to change it to make it right, but I also like to educate and push myself to be a better writer.
10.  Paperback or ebook?
I love my kindle
11.  Publisher or Self-Publishing?
Both, either
12.  How important are your book covers?
A cover can make or break sales. The cover artist asks what is the most important thing you want on your cover—I always say that it needs to scream western. I shop using my kindle and the covers are small. I scroll through until I see a western. Having a good looking male on the cover never hurts.
 1.     What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Pumpkin pie
2.     Favorite meal is…
Prime Rib
3.     Name one place you’ve never been that you’re dying to visit.
4.     Your favorite vacation spot is…
I love cruises
5.     First name of the one man or woman who got away.
Starts with a D
6.     Favorite color is…
7.     Favorite car is…
Mine- I’m not fussy
8.     Gourmet meal out or shopping trip?
Shopping trip
9.     What do you do to cheer yourself up if you’re having a bad day?
I write
10.  Name an embarrassing moment you’ve had in four sentences or less.
For the first month or so after meeting my daughter in law, Brittany I kept calling her Courtney. Have no idea why.
Everything in Annie Douglas' life has taught her that men can’t be trusted. Although Burke is big, strong, and not seemingly gentle, Annie feels drawn to the handsome Texas cowboy. Upon discovering Burke’s advertisement for a wife, Annie shyly asks if he might consider her.      Burke Dawson wants children; unfortunately, that also includes a wife. His first wife was a citified hellcat who stole half of his ranch. Now Burke’s determined to find an honest country girl with no expectations of love. Misunderstandings, accidents, and treachery leads to Annie leaving shattered and alone. Can their shaking start lead to the possible loving relationship they both desire but neither is sure of? 
Secret Cravings (all formats)

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