"Keep Christmas With You All Through The Year....."


The words of a Christmas song are floating in my mind right now.  The lyrics go something like this....
"Keep Christmas With You All Through The Year.  When Christmas is over, give a little cheer....These precious moments, keep them close to you....Yes, keep Christmas with you all through the year."  If only we could keep the treasured spirit of Christmas in our hearts always every day of the year.

My Christmas ornaments and door hanger gifts were finished on December 23rd!  At least they were ready for wrapping before Christmas Eve!  I can remember, growing up, that my mother was always finishing a sewing project until late on Christmas Eve.  I have done this too, but this year, I promised myself to try and finish just a bit earlier.  Here are my finished pieces.

It was a beautiful and memorable Christmas this year.  We were blessed to spend it with our children, their spouses, our two precious little grandchildren, Emery, (11 months), and Ella, (almost 9 months), and Ella's grandparents, who came all the way from Virginia too!  What a joy it was to watch the wide eyed looks of excitement in the babies' eyes, as everyone opened presents, with the paper and bows flying everywhere.   Of course, Emery and Ella most enjoyed the pretty paper and glittering bows, especially the "gold" bows too!

The peaceful beauty of Christmas is now a memory, here yesterday and now it is hard to believe that, it is now just a treasured memory, until next year.  So many preparations.... so much joy, love, peace and faith abounds in this treasured celebration of our Lord's birth.    It always fills me with a little sadness when Christmas Day ends, because I love the meaning of it so much, and I want so much for our hearts to remember the reason for Christmas every day.

Love and Blessings to All of You.  Thank you, to everyone, for visiting my blog and sending me such nice little notes. I love all of them and look forward to sharing more with you in the months ahead!
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