Day Three - Captain's Log

Ugh, rain! I hate driving in the rain. Of course snow is worse. I've only got about 150 miles to go, so I'm taking my time. Again I memorized the directions and had no problem. 

Finding decent food was difficult, so I skipped lunch. I arrived at the hotel with no trouble at all. Relieved to say this leg of the trip was easy.

The hotel is lovely and my room is fabulous. Now I'm up at the crack of dawn to get the Secret Cravings Room set up and begin meeting readers. So I'll sign off early today and hope you understand.

Wishing you a fabulous Friday and glorious weekend as well. Smiling broadly here because I made it, even though I was afraid to try. I'm relishing the victory and moving on. Adios, amigos.
Day Two - Captain's Log

Driving was pretty uneventful. I followed the directions like a good soldier. Discovered one arm got sunburned. Hoping to burn the other one on the way back to even out the look. 

Had to eat at Burger King. I never eat fast food and forgot how good it tastes going down and how awful it feels once it arrives!

My plan to find a Comfort Inn, my favorite place to stay, in Zanesville worked like a charm. Got breakfast included so I indulged in a piece of bacon or three and still had my yogurt and tea.

At first I was delighted to be parked next to an Olive Garden but my stomach rebelled. Good luck trying to find something light to eat there! Everything is geared for a 250 lb. man. I had brochetta and salad. There was enough left over to take it on the road with me. 

I hate the Pennsylvania Turnpike. It zigs and zags, winding around mountains and it's not in good shape. And a toll road, to boot! Hah! Never taking it again.

It's overcast this morning as I prepare to embark on the last leg of my adventure. I have about 160 miles to go to get to the hotel. Not worried about the directions, for once, as it seems to be pretty straight forward. 

Didn't leave anything at the Holiday Inn, though I did pull over to be certain I had my cell phone. Geez, forgetting my purse once in my life and now I'm freaked out about leaving stuff! Lol. Love this trip. Am feeling like I'll be up for a bigger journey in the near future. Hope your day is good. 

Day One - Captain's Log

By 11 a.m. I was ready for a carefree drive on a gloriously sunny day. Was I listening to my intuition? No. I pulled up to a red light on West 77th Street and remembered...Oops! Forgot my shampoo and special conditioner. I pondered going back for it. Around the block! Ugh. Ten minutes lost. I'll buy another one. 

My intuition kept nagging me to go back but did I listen? NO! At the last possible stop in  New Jersey to buy cheap gas, I pulled in and looked down. I was immediately filled with dread. It wasn't there. My purse. Not there. Check the backseat. Nope. Not there either. Check the trunk. Nope.

My heart started to pound, adrenaline pumping. I had done the unthinkable...the one thing women NEVER do! I'd left home without my purse. I felt naked. Call Larry. No phone. No money, no credit cards. Yipes! I checked the gas tank. Still half full. Thank GOD I didn't wait until it was almost empty.

The young attendant let me use his cell. I called Larry who had left 10 messages before he realized my phone was in my purse in the kitchen. He had to be in court in the Bronx for a client that afternoon. I jumped in the car. Only 67 miles. I can do this! I floored it.

To make matters worse, I zigged when I should have zagged and ended up in The Oranges, instead of on 80 heading East to Manhattan. Lost fifteen minutes finding my way back. I cut off one driver who made the sign for drinking, suggesting I was drunk. I held up my bottle of Cherry Coke and repressed the urge to flip him the bird. I got lost, you idiot! 

One more OMG moment when I realized that luck kicked in when I went for the EZ Pass from the car rental company. It's something I've never opted for in the past. Holy crap! If I hadn't done that, I couldn't pay the toll to get back into NYC! Hell, I'd be selling books on the highway and might still be there...

So I did 67 miles three times by 3:30, before I even reached Pennsylvania! I think that qualifies for some kind of award. Maybe Schmuck of the Year? All comments welcome.

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