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Welcome. Thank you for coming. This week's story is the continuation of "The Rescued Heart". Last week Hack said some harsh words to Rory about her writing. This begins the next day. Please join the fabulous Tuesday Tales writers through a link below.

Rory’s pulse fluttered.  The pain of Hack’s insult from the day before still seared her heart. His words stung sharply every time she replayed them; “that stuff you call romance is the worst crap I’ve ever read.” 
 What’s worse, she knew he was right, which made her humiliation more painful. How can I continue to ask him to type for me when what I'm writing isn’t worth his time or mine either?

She sank down on the sofa next to Baxter. He rested his chin on her leg. She petted the pug idly while her stomach churned. Hack would be there any minute and she didn’t know what to say. How can I face him? How can I ask him to come here anymore and yet if he stops coming…

“Rory, you stupid ass. You’re in love with that insufferable man.” She put her head in her hands. “How the hell did this happen? He’s smug. In love with himself and engaged… to the worst excuse for a woman I’ve ever seen. Damn! I’ve bought a one-way ticket on the love train.”  She made a cup of tea and joined Baxter.

A few blocks away in his office at the clinic, Hack paced. How am I going to go back there? I’ve insulted her, hurt her, really badly. Not like the little shots at Felicia. Didn’t you see her face, you idiot? She was mortally wounded! And now you have to go back or go to jail. Going back might be worse than jail. She’s so vulnerable, how could you do it?
“I’ll explain...what I really meant.”  The door opened.
“Talking to yourself ?” Felicia walked in. “Ever since you’ve been typing for that bloodsucker…”
“She’s not a bloodsucker.”
“Oh!” Felicia spied the roses. “For me? After skipping out on dinner last night you…”
“Those aren’t for you.”
He picked up the roses and headed for the door.
“They’re for her?” Felicia spat at him.
“I need to apologize.”
“Did you make a pass at her?”
“Don’t be ridiculous. See you later.” He moved through the door and out onto the street before Felicia could utter another word.

He buzzed Rory’s apartment. What if she doesn’t let me in? The answering buzz came quickly. He marched up the stairs like he was going to face a firing squad. Her tongue is as sharp as a sabre.

Hereyes puffy from crying, Rory opened the door. Hack produced the flowers from behind his back. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. It came out all wrong.”

Her face brightened as she took the flowers from him. “They’re beautiful...thank you.

Just like you. He hesitated on the threshold. “Come in, come in.” She tugged on his hand.
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