This is a new feature on my blog. From time to time, I will spotlight a hero or heroine from one of my books. The spotlight will include some quick facts about the character in the spotlight and a quote or two.
This week, it's Jake Mattthews, hero of MOVIE LOVERS

Oops, looks like we've caught Jake getting dressed!
Graduate of: Kensington State University
Hometown: Willow Falls,
Marked characteristic: Shyness, awkwardness at Hollywood parties.
Favorite food: Steak and baked potato
Favorite author: Playwright William Inge. (Jake starred in Picnic in college)
Where discovered: Pine Grove Playhouse
Discovered by: Gunther Quill
Biggest surprise: Jake's a mover with women.
A tidbit from Jake's pov from the book, MOVIE LOVERS:
Again, Jake’s eyes met Grace’s across the table. Her look was warm but how warm? Is that a “let’s be friends” smile or something more? Does she have feelings for me? What does she really think of me? Damn, she’s the hardest woman to read…ever.

The dinner was convivial, with everyone laughing, joking, and practically inhaling the excellent food. After the main course, they took a break to sing more carols. A smile swept across Jake’s face when Grace came up behind him and rested her hand on him again. Her tender gesture sent flames through his veins. Will I ever be able to touch her again? Even just to put my arm around her? Or will she always be leery because I was a jerk?
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