Let's talk about books...


Awesome People Reading is an addictive tumblr.
My friend Samantha's book, Well-Read Women, comes out today! She illustrated fifty watercolor portraits of heroines from literature, including Anna Karenina, Daisy Buchanan and Wendy Darling.
Jane Austen's face is coming to British money.
11 authors who hated the movie versions of their books.
Home inspiration: Leaning artwork on bookshelves.
Mr. Boddington’s pretty book plates.
T-shirts with the text of classic books.
Sexy men reading children’s books. Made me laugh, they sound like stalkers.
A closet reading nook.
Bookworms are smarter in old age. Keep reading!

P.S. Round-ups of fashion, cheese and summer...and Roald Dahl mugs and stamps.

(Reading nook photo from Martha Stewart Living and leaning art photo by Victoria)
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