Hi and welcome to my Tuesday Tales story. This is a continuation of my work-in-progress, THE BIG LIE:
            With her stepmother’s death, Dale had no way to confirm her suspicions about the lie. Then she remembered Anna used to confide in her best friend, Jonesy, the administrative secretary at Kensington State. 
After washing her face and reapplying makeup, she headed over to the university. One o’clock. Lunchtime. She sat down on a bench outside the building where the sixty-ish lady worked and waited. Within ten minutes she was rewarded for her patience when she saw Jonesy strolling toward the main entrance.
Dale whistled and waved. Jonesy returned the wave.
“How you getting’ along, honey?” The older woman asked, plopping her generous butt on the bench next to Dale.
“Been better. I need to talk to you. To get the truth about something. Can you stay for a minute?”

“Sure.” Jonesy’s friendly expression turned to one of worry and unease. “Shoot.”
“About Cliff’s marriage…”
Jonesy’s brow knitted. “I told her not to do it. I did. We argued about it several times. But she went ahead anyway.”
Dale felt dizzy. Her throat closed up, stopping her breath. Jonesy took her hand.
“Are you all right? You’re mighty pale.”
The younger woman shook her head. When the tears started to flow, Jonesy gathered her into her arms. Within a few minutes, Dale had recovered her speech.
“She lied. She lied about his marriage, didn’t she?”
Jonesy looked away. “Wondered if you’d figure it out. Now…it’s too late.”
The confirmation of her worst fear was like a heavyweight punching her in the stomach. Again she couldn’t breathe. What might have been. Oh my God. What might have been.  
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