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We are so blessed with our precious family.  Over the Memorial Day weekend, we attended the wedding of one of our nephews, and all of our dear children were able to travel, even with the wee little babies, to be with us for the happy event. 

Our 4 month old little grandson, Emerson (Emery) came with our son, Kevin and his wife Gwen.  He is such a happy little boy,and smiles every time someone says "hello" to him.  He has such a good natured disposition. Of course, Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Bruce couldn't miss any opportunity to hold him, since he lives almost 7 and 1/2 hours away from us!

Ella, our 8 week old little granddaughter, slept almost throughout the entire wedding and reception festivities, but woke up to eat once and we were able to capture this precious photo of her resting on her Daddy's shoulder.  She is such a sweet "little pea".  Doesn't she have the biggest deep blue eyes! 

Of course, we just have to show off our own precious "little baby" too.  Meggie is our surrogate baby, a little toy poodle, whom we spoil to pieces.  She is very much loved and adored, and doesn't she know it?  LOL!  Fortunately, she is very politely curious about the new babies that come to visit. Good thing that she knows her place around the grandbabies!

The past few days I have been spending time catching up on some much needed rest after such a happy, but very busy weekend.  When I've taken some time to relax with my needle, I have been working on a counted cross stitch piece for our little granddaugher, Ella.  Our daughter has decorated Ella's nursery in soft shades of pink, (very girlie indeed), and the curtains and a homemade quilt have a pink toile pattern of little brown bunnies.  So, to go along with the bunny theme, I am creating Ella's name with four large bunnies, all of whom are worked within the letters.  I will show the finished piece to you soon! 
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