Some Special Memories...


Bruce and I returned last weekend from a wonderful trip to Pennsylvania, with our best friends, to visit our son, Kevin, wife, Gwen and our little 7 month old grandson, Emerson, who is just the happiest, most contented little boy in the world!

Grandma Kathy Playing "So Big" With Emerson       

Grandpa Bruce With Happy Boy Emerson!  

We also managed to find time to enjoy some wonderful daytrips.  Our son, Kevin, and Emerson took us to see the Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, Pa. 

These very moving sculptures are entitled, "A Moment of Mercy" was at the Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, Pa..  It depicted a very solemn 90 minutes at the Battle of Fredericksburg, Va. in Dec. 1862, when a 19 year old sargent, turned "Good Samaritan", when he could no longer stand listening to the cries of the wounded soldiers on the battlefield.  For 90 minutes, all firing stopped  and all was very quiet, on both Confederate and Union sides of the battle, as this brave young man carried water to the wounded soldiers.

 Martha & Kathy With President Abraham Lincoln     
                                   We also enjoyed visiting the Amish farmlands.

An Amish woman waiting to enter the road from a roadside market.

Miniature Quilt Exhibit at Quilt Museum in Intercourse, Pa.        

A Miniture Amish Quilt & Sewing Accessories  

Another day, we visited Valley Forge in King of Prussia, Pa.  We learned that the land on which Valley Forge stands, was originally a land grant, owned by William Penn, who gifted his eldest daughter, Letitia, with the 600 acres of land, for her wedding present.  This is all very interesting to me, as I am a direct descendent of William Penn on my mother's side of the family.  My grandmother's name was Margaret Penn, and my youngest brother is named William Penn.  In my parents' home, stands the 300 year old Penn spinning wheel, owned originally by James Penn.

Soldier's Cabins at Valley Forge  

Inside of a Soldier's Cabin at Valley Forge
George Washington's Home at Valley Forge
A Room inside of George Washington's Home  

Kitchen inside George Washington's Valley Forge Home

Beautiful Garden Outside of the Valley Forge Museum
 There are more beautiful photos of our trip to come, including some of the beautiful quilts we saw in a Quilt Museum in Intercourse, Pa. 

Wishing all of my dear friends a blessed and beautiful day today wherever you may find yourself, and hopefully you will find some quiet moments just for yourself to do something perhaps finding time to take a few stitches in one of your favorite needlework projects. 

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