Some thoughts on a quiet day...


Today my mind is thinking back over the events of the past two weeks, since my throat surgery, and now recovery period.  It has been a big adjustment for me not to have a "real voice" any more.  I can only whisper, but am not supposed to be even doing that for a few more weeks.  Then, only time will tell if I will ever have a real voice again....probably not, but that is ok, because at least I have oxygen in my lungs and can breathe the beautiful clean fresh air.  Praise be to God, for He is such a marvelous healer and the very best Physician of all!

This morning, as I read my daily devotional, from Matthew 10, I read about the two sparrows sold for a copper coin, "and not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father's will."  It reminded me that the eyes of our Lord are everywhere, and that nothing that happens in our lives escapes His attention.  I know that He has been with me every step of the way, through my surgery, and now through what will be in the coming days of adjustments in my life.

My little grandchildren, Emery (7 months) and Ella (5 months) don't know how to speak yet, and so I am learning to "sign" language to them, and they just love it.  It brings tears to my eyes because I have found a new way to communicate with them without having to vocalize!   This is just too wonderful for words!

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